I accidentally came across a 2 hour episode of Defiance whilst channel hopping and dropping the control. It was a miracle!

I am happy to admit that I am very critical of everything and like to pass judgement (because I’m good at that). I wasn’t expecting much from Defiance as I’m not a fan of aliens but I REALLY enjoyed what I saw. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how Jaime Murray’s character develops - I foresee trouble.

I could not help but notice the similarities between Defiance and ‘Revolution’ (another exciting new show) such as the impressive settings and quality of acting. 

Good reason to smile: The actress' new show Defiance made a stunning debut on Syfy on Monday, garnering a total of 2.7 million viewers

The Daily Mail agrees that Julie Benz is defying time…

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I feel as though I have been completely disconnected from the world for the past few months as I have neglected the online universe - It was in all honesty a very healthy decision. It is now time to reconnect and to share my experiences:

A = ‘Revolution’ is an amazing new show which is (so far) very similar to Lost. It is too early to pass judgement but I am excited to see how the story develops. This is a slightly unrelated observation but Elizabeth Mitchell doesn’t seem to age but her performance is of course as brilliant as usual.

B = Trish Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame…AND I missed it! I was horrible about her when she first entered the WWE and for obvious reasons - her appearance had nothing to do with wrestling. She however paid her dues and totally earned the respect she gained over the rest of her wrestling career. 

C = I must have forgotten how annoying Rachel Berry is BUT I received a painful reminder whilst watching a repeat episode of ‘Glee’ season one. An amazing voice but everything about her just gives me a terrible throbbing pain in the head.

D = Callie and Co. OWN the hospital?! Huh?

E) Battlefield America - I was totally bored (an hour ago) and trying to concentrate on work - watching this didn’t help my situation. Is the film really representative of the way kids talk to each other? I’ve never witnessed it and i’m around kids all the time.
How many times was being compared to a girl used as an insult? So stupidly ignorant. And where were all the grown ups, parents…And Police? Gangs of kids are dancing on the streets - probably during a school day! :O (And the dialogue was pretty terrible).

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New Beauty and the Beast…And WHAT? Kahlan’s Red Hair :O

Kahlan Amnell has Red Friggin Hair!


The moment I saw her sat opposite Lana Lang on ‘New Beauty and the Beast’ I knew I recognised her from somewhere so I of course had to Google her. Once an idea gets into my mind it is impossible for me to just let it go… In this case it led me to a new exciting show which has really terrible dialogue.

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Grey’s Anatomy Series 9 UK Premier - Total Bummer!

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! The premier of Grey’s Anatomy Series 9 reminded me of why I have been a dedicated fan since series one despite the jeers I receive for making the confession. The story lines aren’t groundbreaking but the acting certainly is.

I was left shocked at the death of ‘Little Grey’ - she was by far one my favourite characters so it took a bit of time for me to accept what had happened to her so to have to deal with the demise of Dr Mark Sloan in the opening episode was just too much. I reckon acting as someone in a coma… or dead is the most difficult role to play? Aaaand then to top it all off I was startled by the image of Arizona without a leg!!! I can’t imagine her not rolling around the corridors of the hospital. What happened to Teddy? I want her back. I am not good at dealing with loss. 

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Warehouse 13 Episode 11 - What the Fruck just happened?

Warehouse 13 Series 4 Episode 11 just left me more confused than usual and a tiny bit disappointed. When the episode ended I was left with one eye firmly fixed open (the other closed as one half of me slept) and my mouth agape; questions whizzed around my head: What on earth actually just happened? How is it even possible for HG Wells to leave a job half done? How does it make sense for a woman who alone figured out what Artie had done, to disappear without having solved a puzzle which left unsolved could result in disaster? Why does a Chinese Orchid release an English Sweating disease? Are they taking the piss out of the English and BO?! (That’s just rude.) What airline do they use to travel because they could probably travel around the world in less than 24 hours?  

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Age Defying

Gwen Stefani is how old exactly?! I saw her on the X Factor last night - first time in years and she looks ‘WOW’ good. There are a few other women who have defied the aging process… We all know Julie Benz sold her soul hundreds of years ago but what is the secret formula being used by the rest?   


No Doubt, having been outta sight for years, seem to be everywhere right now. I’m not complaining.

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You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.

If a film about Malcolm X is ever to be made again Michael Ealy surely must be cast as Malcolm - There is such a strong resemblance.

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The ‘Oh-Man!’ Is Still Far Too Freaky For Me To Watch


What an interesting concept right? Evil infiltrating the ruling elite - how plausible is that? The original Omen is still one film I cannot watch without hiding behind a giant bag of popcorn :O

I am 'Bering Wells' (sorry!) considering how crap some of the new Warehouse 13 episodes are… HG Wells obviously steals every scene she is in and Claudia has saved me from utter boredom and painkillers (for my disappointed brain). I am grateful to her. 

It was a real shame that Leena was killed off - I just didn’t understand the purpose. Next week’s episode might explain something but I have my doubts. They turned back time to rescue the Warehouse and every character under threat BUT she had to die? Confusing.

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WHOOOOOOO! The coming weeks are set to be glorious - the greatest shows on TV are back in the UK. It is a good job my inner thoughts remain in my head …and Tumblr :I

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